Glacier/Waterton, Part 2 – Kayaking Swiftcurrent and Grinnell Glacier

Since our original trip had to be re-arranged, we ended up with an extra day before we needed to drive to Canada. We decided to grab some real food (aka not dehydrated), and then grab some beers and go kayaking on Swiftcurrent Lake.

After kayaking we got dinner and drinks at the Swiftcurrent Lodge. I was finally over my cold and treated myself to a yummy drink.

Since we did not have a campsite reservation for the night anymore, the park rangers allowed us to stay at the campsite with the PCT hikers (Pacific Crest Trail). We made a fire and hung out with them. Listening to their stories really makes me want to hike the AT or some long trail one day.

The next morning we joined the rest of the tourists and made the day hike to Grinnell Glacier.

After finishing the hike, we hopped in the car and headed to Waterton in Canada.