Dehydrated Dog Food

Couple months back, Bella and I hiked the Foothills trail. From past trips, I know she can be a very picky eater on the trail. She thinks she should be allowed to eat people food and will turn her nose up at any dog food you try to give her. I have gotten tired of sharing all of my dinners with her so this trip I decided to make something special for her. She loved it! Here is the recipe:

  1. Cook some chicken breasts in chicken stock
  2. Shred the chicken (I use my kitchen aid mixer to shred – makes it so easy!)
  3. Put chicken in dehydrator
  4. Cut up some sweet potatoes and green beans
  5. Cook the sweet potatoes and green beans in chicken stock
  6. Drain the sweet potato and green bean mixture and put in dehydrator

On the trail

  1. Combine the dehydrated ingredients with some instance rice (I used a 1:1:1 ratio of everything)
  2. Add boiling water and stir. Set aside until mixture rehydrates and food has cooled off

Note: I just guessed how much water to use on the trail each time – my dog didn’t seem to care if it was a little “soupy”.

General Update

I haven’t posted here in awhile, and I honestly don’t when I will have anything really worth posting about. I have a permit for the John Muir Trail this summer, but with coronavirus… who knows if the trip will happen or not… I want to be optimistic, but it isn’t looking good. I have been stuck working from home the last two weeks and it looks like it is going to be extended at least another month.

I am trying to be glass half full and assuming trip will happen…my flights and shuttle are booked so I am going to continue the planning and hope the trip will happen. From my research, it can get quite cold at night. I don’t really want to carry my super heavy 0 degree bag so I decided to take the plunge and order a new quilt from Underground Quilts. I already have one which I use with my hammock, but it isn’t quite warm enough for this trip so I making a splurge and adding another to the gear list. It is a 0 degree 950 fill down bag with extra stuffing. Yes, a major splurge! I have decided my new rule with gear is spend the extra $$ up front and do it right. Hopefully I won’t regret it 🙂

My other to do item is trying to come up with a meal plan. The trip is supposed to be 21 days and I want to make the most out of my food (will pick up resupply 2-3 times during trip – details TBD still). I have made dehydrated food before, and also used pre-made packages like Backcountry and Mountain House. I have a few ideas of meals I want to try to make before hand, and figured why not document them?!? So, posts here may take a slightly different turn upcoming months- I am going to be trialing out new recipes. I know I want dinner to include some kind of meat, and either pasta, rice or some kind of carb. Breakfast and lunch just need to be easy. So, if you have suggestions, please let me know in comments below!

Let the Kayak Adventures Begin

I decided to buy three kayaks this weekend. I was originally only planning on two, but…


One of the boats is a Delta 14 (the long red boat). I am planning to go to Lake Jocassee in a few weeks and check out some waterfalls. It will be about a 6 mile paddle across the lake where we will setup camp and do some exploring. Not sure what is next on the list. I have tossed around the idea of the Okefenokee Swamp, kayaking to Cumberland Island, something along the Smoky Mountains…  If anyone has suggestions, please let me know! 


The other two boats are two sit on top kayaks from Liquid Logic. These I plan to mostly use on the Chattahoochee River. I chose these over some cheaper options because they feel more like a whitewater boat, have a wheel, and room for Bella to sit in the front.


Get ready for lots of selfie kayak photos!